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Bear With

Bear With

Well let me begin by saying that Miranda has transformed my life in a variety of ways.

Firstly, I’ll never think about savoury muffins in the same way again. But the thing is I hear her voice in my head as I’m going about my everyday business and everything is suddenly so much funnier. I’m at the day job and for the third time in a shift someone comes up to me and says, I really think you should check out what’s happened in the loo, and you know, I immediately look into the camera and the Miranda’s voice pops into my head. Life is so much more amusing. Plus, British accent, so more posh as well.

And then there are the other characters. Tilly.

Some day I’m going to write an essay about Lucifer and Gary, but by then someone else will have done. Meanwhile, bear with. I keep thinking “bear with” as I just repeat and repeat myself, quite sure I’m boring everyone to death. But the thing is it’s fine. I’ll bear with you if you will with me, that sort of thing.

I’m still just working through this still life theme. Another breakfast setup this time. I mean, is it up there with a savoury muffin?

healthy still life

I suppose what I’d really like to say with this post is that it’s just fine to pursue your themes, regardless of reception. Years later it might be the thing that’s said to be your best work, though completely passed over at the time. Regardless, it’s likely the thing you need to be doing to get to the next thing you need to be doing. And so nothing is lost or wasted or for naught. So when an artist or writer goes off on some tangent, it behooves us to bear with, don’t you think?

still life breakfast
The Table in the Dark

The Table in the Dark

Curate Your Day

Curate Your Day