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My Favourite Author – Clarice Lispector

My Favourite Author – Clarice Lispector

Longtime readers of my blog know of my obsession with Clarice Lispector's work. I thought it would be fun to talk a bit about that in a video as part of a digital storytelling project taking place at my library. You can read the blog post here especially if you're interested in the how-to aspects of it. 

I used the Adobe Spark app on my iPhone and then uploaded it to Vimeo. But there are lots of different ways you could do a similar project. 

The image in today's header (if you're reading this post in the browser), is by my daughter Chloe. I think it makes the video, which is not perfect, by any means. But making it reminded me that as an author, there are all these tools out there for us to use, to share, and to promote ourselves with, and that as we use them, we also learn cool skills. 

Clarice Lispector books

If you were to make a video of your fave author, who would it be? 

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