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Writing Prompt – Escape Into a Painting

Writing Prompt – Escape Into a Painting

Imagine that you're in a museum and the only way out is through a painting.

Or maybe you have a painting in your house. Imagine that there is some imperative to escape, and the only way out is through. What does it feel like to cross the threshold? Is the air different? are you? Is it a painting that you know quite well, or is everything new? 


Recently we painted our bedroom white and rearranged the art, too. I know that I'm lucky to be able to have a bit of a rotating art show. One of the perks of being married to an artist. Also lucky, is that we don't have a huge backlog of paintings, which means, they have sold. But we do have a couple from every series Rob has done, for one reason or another. 


I can't say I'm at all sad that this magazine cover painting of George Clooney didn't end up selling. 


Did you know that George Clooney and I have something in common? It's true. We've both had Bell's Palsy. He talked about it briefly on the new David Letterman show on Netflix. 

There's a short essay in my upcoming book about Bell's Palsy, too. It's an interesting experience that I don't wish upon anyone. 

If you don't have a painting to escape into, please feel free to use this one for your writing prompt. :)

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